Day In My Life Craft Fair Day December 3rd 2022 (2023)


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Hello, everybody happy vlogmas day.

Number three is currently like 7, 30 in the morning.

(Video) Day In My Life Craft Fair Day December 3rd 2022

Um, my mom is 7 39 in the morning we are currently setting up for our.

Um craft fair.

Funny thing is these ladies last year.

When I did the craft fair there's, these four, ladies older, ladies, they said, right across from us and three out of the four were sleeping.

The whole time like one would be awake to help people.

And then the rest would be sleeping.

Well, guess who's in front of us again.

This year, the ladies I, just love them, they're so sweet.

But uh, yeah, it is cold outside.

It is 18 degrees outside it's, windy it's supposed to be high at 27 today, but I have one more bag to carry with our snacks and a couple other things.

And then I'm gonna go start setting up my mom's freaking out it's like Mom, it's.

Okay, it's.


But now there's, a person parking next to me so I will let you guys go.


So here is our little table display.

My mom's got some catnip stuff.

I got some wine glasses.

Starbucks glasses.

Here are all my tumblers teacher gifts, um, I, got some little things that I still made last year.

I got some more mugs more mugs.

So on some of my odds and things I've made, then we got magnets, Jingle Bells or tumblers, we're gonna teach your gifts.

My mama made some hand, towels, ornaments and stockings.

And here are her little snowmen here are her little moms, which I, absolutely, wow, they're.

So cute.

Then here are her microwave bowls, which these things are awesome more hand towels and yeah, mom.

But look at we're ready to go.

Okay, I feel a little bit better in color.

(Video) her best friend RUINED her party 😭 (part 2)

So it has been going on for two hours, it's, 1109 and I've sold a little bit not as much as I wanted.

But I sold about three tumblers.

A couple teacher, ornaments, a couple teacher gifts and a couple other things.

My mom's been selling quite a few too, but looks like the band will be playing soon, but it's been busy.

It has been busy.

Okay, you guys it's like 15 minutes till close until the thing ends, but I sold a couple things.

I didn't, really put a dent in anything so I gotta pack this all up.

But next year, I'm, not gonna make hardly anything.

But my teacher gifts, I know, I'll sell those like crazy on Etsy.

So I, don't have anything to worry about, but other than that.

It was okay.

My mom sold quite a few stuff too, but not as successful as last year.

A lot of people were saying the same thing, but I'm so happy with what I did.

And what we got okay, we are back from the uh craft fair, I, didn't, do it as good as I did last year, but I think it's because like there's, 10 other places in the area that was having craft fairs.

And there was also twice as much vendors there.

So, but now we are home and the children want to do the Advent calendars.

Okay, Benny's gonna open his today.

They waited patiently for us to get back.

Okay, don't be doing that, because then you can see what's hidden and I don't want you to see it? What is it? What is it that fox is it out? Okay, you try to get your nose out, Charlotte, let's, try your stinky feet.

Okay, yours is in order.

So here we go.

Hold on Char right here.

Okay, you gotta lift that up what'd.

You get Betty wowed on this.

Cool, wait Gaga, wait isn't it.

Oh, hopefully they don't go in order.

Okay? What does Charlotte get what'd? We get.

Okay, oh, who is it? Who is it he's? So adorable, look at that forky, you found it.

(Video) Charity Gayle - Thank You Jesus for the Blood (Live)



Now we're gonna open number three with the cheese.

We got red, yes, I don't know, we're gonna try it out? Okay, here's number three, right? There.

Three, no, no.

Look at me, you're, not looking.

What is that? Three, oh, it's a star it's a star there.

You go.

Keep your tongue.



Let's find number three here.

Here's number three, yeah, you can do the races.

Okay, there you go.

Did we get another kiss? Okay, Ben.


Do our recess for me.

Let's do the races.

What is it looks like like come on and tomorrow? What four races? Look at that? Okay, we're gonna try this cheese? Red really cool the regular garbage Charlotte.

Everything is the regular garbage for you.

Okay is not my favorite hair on it, but it's courtesy of Paris.


It does.

Does it show that there's another part to make it taller? It tastes like sharp cheddar, but I, really like it open the calendar, loving it.


Paris, Paris, I got a toy for you Paris has an egg cat I've been years.

What is that my mom made these? What is that Paris? Are you excited? Wow, she's.


(Video) "She CAN'T Just Have EVERYTHING" Asia Throws a Tantrum - Raising Asia (S1 Flashback)

It, hmm.


My mom follow the catnip.

Hey, you finally get let me see your eyes can I.

See your eyes, pass she's, just licking.

It Chow, Down, Paris, Chow, Down, she's gonna start rolling around why they get high it's like a drug to her.

Oh, what is your cat nap he's kind of in it? But she's just gonna? Hey, parents just gonna start kicking it it's gonna land I'm just gonna flip over and start kicking it with her back feet.

Maybe, no we're, just gonna keep licking it.

Oh, you're boring here in Paris, Charlotte's crying, because she wanted to be on camera.

Well back it up.

So we can see you you stink.

One how's Paris doing show, everybody your shirt.

What do we got on your shirt? What is that the French? Wow, you want to see, oh, she's like Mom, I want to see what I look like right here.

Bunch today.



It is 805.

My mom and I are watching a preacher's wife with Whitney Houston, uh.

So working on that I currently have 10 or 11 Etsy orders.

I gotta work on.


My show was okay, um I'm just gonna say it wasn't as good as it was last year, but I did have fun.

And it was a great experience.

Um I, don't know, if it's just because there's like 10 other Christmas, craft fairs going on, or there just was too much vendors.

They said, there's like 80 vendors, which is weird, but uh other than that.

But I am preparing for my Walgreens and CVS Hall for tomorrow I get pretty much that down.

And then I'm, just gonna sit on the couch and watch a movie and not do anything for the rest of the night, except to get this video uploaded.

But tomorrow is Sunday couponing day, kind of just getting my Etsy orders done.


And relaxation is what I want to do.

So I will see you guys tomorrow fire.


Where is the Smithsonian Craft Show 2022? ›

The show will take place at the National Building Museum, located at 401 F St. N.W. in Washington, D.C. Admission is $20 at the door, or in advance online at

Is the craft show on at the NEC this year? ›

Event Details

The Creative Craft Show is back for the second of three Birmingham shows in 2023! This show is a haven for knitting, cross stitch, paper crafting, jewellery & dressmaking and stitching enthusiasts, offering all the very latest supplies, ideas, and innovations in the craft & hobby world.

What can I make for a Christmas craft fair? ›

  • Yarn ornaments. From tiny knitted mittens to yarn-wrapped trees, yarn ornaments are an inexpensive and easy craft to sell to make extra money. ...
  • DIY marbled ornaments. ...
  • Twine Christmas trees. ...
  • Confetti ornaments. ...
  • Hot cocoa ornaments. ...
  • Character-based ornaments. ...
  • Hand-lettered ornaments. ...
  • Vintage map ornament.
Oct 20, 2020

What is market days in Tallahassee Florida? ›

Is one of the Southeast's largest and best-juried arts and crafts shows, featuring the unique, handmade creations of over 300 artists and top-quality artisans and craftspeople. Market Days offers a beautiful array of works in various price ranges, from breathtaking fine art to charming stocking stuffers.

Where is the Smithsonian craft show? ›

The show will take place at the National Building Museum, located at 401 F St. N.W.

Where is the new Smithsonian Pop Culture exhibit? ›

With approximately 200 objects, the 7,200-square-foot, multimedia exhibition in the Ray and Dagmar Dolby Hall of American Culture will be the Smithsonian's first dedicated exploration of entertainment history.

What station is create and craft on? ›

Discover new passions from our expert guests and presenters by watching live on Freeview 85, Sky HD 673, Freesat HD 813 and Virgin 748 or over on Rewind.

What shows are on at the NEC this year? ›

May 2023
  • Railtex – May 9-11.
  • CHEMUK 2023 EXPO – May 10-11.
  • BVA Live – May 11-12.
  • The Baby Show with Lidl GB – May 12-14.
  • British Dental Conference & Dentistry Show – May 12-13.
  • The Vaper Expo UK – May 12-14.
  • Makers Central – May 13-14.
  • Utility Week Live – May 16-17.
Feb 13, 2023

What is the new craft channel? ›

From 25th February 2022, Create & Craft will take over The Craft Store's current channel number. The channel will showcase some of the presenters and products previously shown on The Craft Store.

What is the best food to sell at a craft fair? ›

What foods are popular at craft fairs? Craft fairs can host any types of food, but baked goods are by far the biggest seller – cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, anything along these lines should prove to be very popular indeed!

What sells best at Christmas craft shows? ›

Christmas ornaments: Homemade ornaments are some of the most popular crafts to make and sell. From personalised hand painted ornaments to embroidery hoops, Christmas ornaments are sure to be top sellers among shoppers.

What change should I bring to a craft fair? ›

The $20 bill is the most common bill of exchange, so have lots of $10, $5 and $1 bills to make change. There is nothing more annoying to your neighboring vendors than asking them over and over again if they can break a $20. Be prepared. You may ask, “How can anyone scam you with cash?”

Does Tallahassee have a zoo? ›

After all, the leafy, open-air zoo that is a vital part of the Tallahassee Museum is a professional educational and conservation organization.

Is the Tallahassee real estate market slowing down? ›

Tallahassee Housing Market Trends

In June 2023, Tallahassee home prices were up 15.9% compared to last year, selling for a median price of $278K. On average, homes in Tallahassee sell after 44 days on the market compared to 43 days last year. There were 271 homes sold in June this year, down from 343 last year.

Does Tallahassee sell beer on Sunday? ›

In Florida, you can buy beer, off and on-premise, Monday through Sunday, from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. Certain counties allow the sale of alcohol from 7 a.m. to 3 a.m.

What is the new Hispanic exhibit in the Smithsonian? ›

Explore the "¡Presente!” exhibition in the Molina Family Latino Gallery as it looked when it first opened to the public. Since June 2022, we have rotated objects in the cases and welcomed visitors from across the United States and the world. Virtually experience for yourself "¡Presente!

Where is the Craft Lake City DIY festival held? ›

We are celebrating our 15th Anniversary with our biggest fest yet with over 350 local artisans, vintage vendors, foodies, youth entrepreneurs, performers, & STEM exhibitors over three days the second weekend of August at the Utah State Fairpark!

Which Smithsonian has modern art? ›

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.


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