Will To Live Online - How To Farm Tokens Ft. SwoleBenji 💪 (2023)


How to farm tokens fast on Will to Live Online with SwoleBenji.

This video will showcase three chests in the world anyone can loot for a large amount of tokens very quickly every 37 minutes. Just have a character parked at any of these spots and log into them and collect the treasure. This is the best loot in the game that doesn't require key farming.

There are two editing errors in this one. First, when a cats collar jingles the subtitle shows music credits, and when I loot a medium medkit from a body it was supposed to have small text mentioning dabbing on haters. I left it in cause rendering takes hours.

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Hello I'm going to show you how to farm over 6,000 tokens in just two minutes.


So I have four characters here.

All strategically placed around the map at certain chests that spawn, high-yield items.

So let's start with one of the highest yield ones I'm using a level.

11 miner, all you have to do is have lots of inventory space for this one.

So I recommend that you make a minor level it to ten or eleven.

And you can place it in this area and loot it.

Every 37 minutes, all right.

So the area is going to be j33 at the old ruins.

This is located at the very top right of the map here you start here in solar city.

And you just travel to the east here cross this little bridge across the green river and you'll get to the old ruins.

Now you have to do a little bit of parkour to get to the chest, but it's very easy.

Anyone should be able to do it.

You can ignore the bugs they'll just die into the poison.

So you have to cross this little narrow walkway, no big deal jump across this broken wall.

And without make sure you don't touch, the green stuff because it'll instantly kill you do a running jump here to this construction garbage.

You have an earring worth 300.

Some quest junk, five cross set for 150, not a big deal.

Beer cans, one dollar each again useless.

Now these horseshoes are worth ten.

But if you go to a mining town, one horseshoe is one iron bar, which is easily 50 or more.

If you make it to an iron bar, it's, good experience, I actually took a whole stack of these that I had farmed for about a month and level, the character from 1 to 14 in one sitting from just crafting very good.

Finally, the big one, the golden bangle worth a thousand and some other junk that's worth twenty.

So I just hit spacebar and loots everything.

And yeah, now I'm just gonna log this character out here.

And every 37 minutes, I can log into this character and make an easy.


Not bad.

Next up is another golden Bengal.

This one is not a big payout, but it's still a thousand and it's very easy to get to alright.

So this one is located around here, g27 and what you're doing is you're looking for dying trees from radiation.

So when you enter this area, you're gonna start taking radiation damage, just eat a anti-radiation pill.

They only cost 250 each you're, looking for this big, nasty radiation pile and you're looking for this guy here.

This green quartz loot him and he's got a lighter a watch worth 50 and the golden meghna worth a thousand I.

Just leave them.


Don't worry, the radiation, it's, very small.

Just one pill is all you need.

You don't need to chug a whole bunch of them.

It'd be fine that's.

Another thousand again, responds every 37 minutes.

This next one is located in a cave I like to start at Kuro V village here and you're going to walk up here to the strange place located at d-10, five you'll want to bring lots of ammo for this one.

This one also is a huge payout.

It does take a little bit more time to farm them.

So you want to approach the strange place from the south side there are two entrances to this house.

And you want to go through the south entrance, plenty enough.

The door does not render.

And so you get close enough to it.

You look, no door, no door, or it could just be my computer I do have graphic settings on the logo.

All right so you're gonna run through the house into the cave when you enter the cave, you will always be facing the same direction.

You want to go forward.

So just run for there's only one path here, there's.

Nothing on that side, just keep going forward kill everything in your way I'm using a mercenary, because they have the highest dps at mid-range.

There is plenty of other things to loot like coal and metal, which are worth a ton of money, but because I'm going to keep this character here for quite some time, I don't want to overburden my weight.

This guy has to medkits, usually I, don't loot.

These I just use them from the courts like this.

So these aren't really worth the weight or the money just continue through the cave, I know, there's metal on that side, I'm, not getting it.

It weighs too much it's, not worth it.

All right.


See a green wall here, it's kind of glowy after you pass the green wall.

There is a teddy bear on the ground, most people overlook this.

And here you have the gold chain worth.

Mm, very good.

So you'll, notice, this glitch I'm, aiming at the bug and it's, not doing a hit.

You have to aim above the bug.

Poor way, --four to stand on top of the hill.

There's, usually, four bug, spawns here, I'm, not sure why there's only one that's kind of odd, oh there's.

Another one anyway, run over here to the left, and you have a dabbing corpse, what it gets he's got golden bangle.

And a watch you can also get radioactive metal and metal from here.

Somebody looted the metal.

Interesting very interesting that might be why there's not any bugs here? Why would they not loot the bangles though, hmm, hmm, well, after this video, maybe they'll know.

So again, every 37 minutes, I'm using a level, 23 hunter for this next one, you can do this as early as level, 12 I believe and this one isn't so much a chest spawn.

This is just something to farm while you wait for your chest to spawn.

This is the best mob farming spot in the game for time investment in ammo, and they run back to town in this case, I just kill myself to teleport to town.

You can have the loot since I already have a sample of it I'm just gonna show off the loot here.

So this spider dropped to metal that's 100 and some other [ __ ], but they can drop up to 9 of these per spider.

And each of these is worth 100 very good.

And they give about 800 to a thousand 500 experience, depending on your class as far as being a hunter, make sure you're in the black sunset faction, because this is black sunset territory right here located at k8 one, otherwise they will kill you.

Ooh, I just got four crits in a row.

Yet, it took half its hello I'm using a Magnum as it is the cheapest ammo and it kills these quite quickly.

815 experience didn't get any metal drops that time.

This guy's been grinding here, I think he was level 14 a day ago, he's, 18, this dude is going to be super rich and super loaded.

As you can see all I have on me is the Magnum, some ammo I want to keep my weight as low as possible as far as skills I want to make sure that I have as much weight as possible all the pistol abilities here and very important that you get the biologist you get this at 20 increases your operate by 20%, which also on weekends the devs sometimes up the drop rate by another 30%.

So you can get about 15 medals sometimes from these dudes very good.

So what I like to do is I stand in the corner of k-8, and you can actually see them when they they pop up if you're a hunter lectures can see mobs on the map and I just kind of patrol around here.

All right, I can hear spider you want to make sure that you're nearby otherwise they will burrow back into the ground.

And here I'm animation cancelling.

The reload that way I can increase my GPS all right, 900 and look nine.

Precious metal.

That's, 900 that is almost a bangle.

And you can you can kill like three or four of these every couple of minutes.

What I do is I just Park the character here.

Well, I I do my body weight exercises.

My stretches I won't may watch TV YouTube and they'll just run up to me invite me.

And when they bite me, I just turn around shoot them down.

Normally, these don't do damage.

So I must have broken arm.

You have 37% and good use a tune-up it's.

All good experience only got to middle that time as you can see these things wait a lot.

This is nine kilogram I, usually carry about 400 bullets at a time once I overloaded as in I have a red backpack, where I can no longer Lutz I, just click suicide, wait 30 seconds, I pop back up at the black sunset camp vendor, everything and rinser repeat.

This is probably the best place to level in the game for money at level.

You can start as early as 7:00.

You don't have to, but uh, I recommend level 10 for this as questing until you get your m5 it's, probably the best way to go.

Yeah, yeah.

Hello ginger shout-out to ginger the mighty mean.

Yeah, yeah.

So if you if you would like any other money-making tips, just let me know, these are not the absolute number one tips to make money.

This is just what I'm willing to share with you.

Currently that I used early on before I learned about wine all the spawns gold bar, spawns and other key items.

These are items.

You can get through keys, fighting fees in the world, which unlock certain doors and cabinets.

And with that I am going to log out here and I will see you guys on the forums on YouTube twitch, wherever yeah, it's, a foreman.


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